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Install our app to track your symptoms, predict patterns and get daily health insights. But how much should you worry, Scared? Getting pregnant from anal sex is highly unlikely, but, if several different factors align, it is a remote possibility. Get to know your own body, cycle, and symptoms that occur during a particular phase of your cycle. Can you get pregnant from getting fingered? Around two weeks before your next period, one egg is released from a part of the ovary called a follicle. Medically reviewed by Darren Hein, PharmD.

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Semen ejaculated into your vagina during sexual intercourse is buried deep in your reproductive system and cannot safely be removed by vaginal cleaning or douching.

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But the vaginal opening and the anus are situated extremely close to each other, so there is always the chance for sperm to flow into the vagina and travel to fertilize an egg. Well, here are some stats for other methods of contraception, courtesy of Planned Parenthood, to put things in perspective. Can you get pregnant from a toilet seat? Conception, pregnancy, and delivery from beginning to end! Be more careful when those fingers have traces of semen on them as the result of foreplay. Remember, though, that sexually transmitted infections STIs can spread through vaginal sex as well. If you and your partner choose to engage in anal sex, communication is key.

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