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Agen Kolar told Dooku that the High General had been slain. She looked up at the Jedi master and smiled weakly. Updated Crossovers: Deleted comment. Left with only Ki-Adi-Mundi and Shaak Ti to battle, the two powerful Jedi seemed a match for the deadly General, so with no choice left fended them off by spinning his hands, turning the lightsabers in them into buzzsaws. She didn't entirely like where this was going.

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Despite her seemingly unfeeling demeanor, Shaak Ti had a subtle sense of humor.

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There could be an attack at anytime so have men keep watch at all times. Moving deeper into the Abyss, Shaak Ti used her control to influence the sarlacc beneath them to try to devour the young Force user. We began by kissing each other for about seven minutes before he reached around me for my strap. She didn't entirely like where this was going. Once I thought he had enough, I put the tip of him in my mouth and slowly lick it.

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